Investments in Georgia

The cost of apartments in Batumi

If you are wondering “how much does an apartment in Georgia cost”, then with a high degree of probability you would like to purchase real estate in this sunny country and started making inquiries. To begin with, it is worth evaluating Georgia as an object of investment in housing on the territory of the country.

the cost of apartments in batumi

The very first and most attractive is the geographical location. The country lies in the central and western part of the Caucasus, has access to the Black Sea coast, and, accordingly, international sea routes. This is a very attractive territory for tourists, rich in antiquities and natural attractions. An important role is played by the reputation of the indigenous people, hospitality, the most delicious traditional Georgian cuisine, and friendliness. All these factors make investing justified and profitable.

How much does an apartment cost in Batumi?

Real estate in Batumi, the capital of Adjara, is in high demand. The city - a port in the southeast of the Black Sea - is the center of concentration of sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, rest houses. Well-developed infrastructure, beautiful nature, the sea make this place the most attractive for buying real estate.

the cost of apartments in batumi

Why is it beneficial?

  • Buying housing in Batumi for further lease, you can easily recoup the cost of a small apartment in 2 years;
  • In Georgia, there are simplified laws on real estate registration, which makes the purchase easy and enjoyable;
  • You can buy real estate by teaming up, with a large family or even a company and take turns to go to the sea;
  • An excellent solution can be buying an apartment for permanent residence, especially for older people or families with children, because the climate in Batumi has a beneficial effect on health;
  • You can always sell a land plot, apartment or house by the sea, there are always a lot of people who want to buy their home by the sea;
  • Georgia is developing and building up its potential, having a long history, the state every year strengthens its positions, the well-being of the people improves, the standard of living rises.

The cost of apartments depends on many factors, the cheapest is to buy housing in the construction phase from a developer or small, not very well located secondary housing objects. Apartments in new buildings on the seashore are of great value due to their favorable location, developed infrastructure, modern planning.

Investing in housing is always profitable and justified, and if we are talking about an apartment by the sea, this is the best and most profitable investment option!