A database of investment projects is being created

July 6 2020

The founders and the team of GIM Company have knowledge and experience in the development of territories, design and construction of facilities of varying complexity in a wide range of civil and industrial construction in Russia and the former republics of the USSR. Among the founders of the Company are two native residents of Batumi. This allows us to assess the state of the market in today's Georgia and in Adjara in particular. At the moment, Adjara and its capital, Batumi, is experiencing a real construction boom, even outstripping other regions of Georgia in intensity.

The plans of the Georgian government are aimed at creating the most favored nation treatment for investments in the country, as well as creating a wide field for them in various directions. Master plans for the development of territories and regions of Georgia are being formed and are being prepared for approval, new highways are being designed, building zones, recreational, warehouse and agricultural zones are being formed. Particular attention is paid to the development of energy and alternative energy in particular.

Constantly updating information from various sources, assessing the market situation, the Company forms a number of interesting investment projects of varying complexity and degree of investor participation in the construction and sales of residential, commercial, warehouse  Real Estate, as well as objects of small energy and projects in agriculture. These projects can be found on our website. The project base is constantly updated and replenished, 3 more projects are being prepared for release in the near future.