Why cooperation with GIM Company is beneficial

July 6 2020

By buying property with GIM, you avoid the possibility of making a mistake

In the West and in the United States, real estate (land, housing, commercial properties) in the overwhelming majority of cases, Clients purchase / rent through real estate agencies. The Client interacts directly with the Developers and property owners only upon signing the contract. Also in the West, payments for the purchase of real estate are generally carried out through the Agency's account. Why is this happening?

The culture of purchases with the help of an Agent has developed, due to a number of reasons:

  • The agencies have a complete database of real estate of various developers and owners. An individual developer offers you only his own property, the range of which is limited.
  • The agency will quickly select the necessary property for you at your request, even if it is not in the database.
  • The price when buying through an agency is similar to the developer's price. 
  • Agency services are free for the buyer. The agency receives remuneration from the owner of the sold / leased property.
  • The owner of the real estate (developer) will never inform you about the actual deadlines for the delivery of their objects, about hidden defects, about the legal proceedings in which they are involved.
  • The real estate owner (developer) does not provide legal support and does not provide advice, unlike the Agency.
  • The agency protects the rights of the buyer and will always offer the least risky option for you.

The GIM company pays great attention to its clients and to the objects that it places in its database. Employees of the Company closely monitor all newly built projects, evaluate the progress of construction in terms of quality and construction time, and draw conclusions about the progress of financing based on the intensity of construction.

The company has real estate contracts with major developers, which allows it to have exclusive conditions and offer real estate at developer prices, and in some cases the price may be lower. Constant contacts with developers allow us to have almost complete information about each object, which allows, at the request of the Client (Buyer), to select the necessary property according to the Buyer's parameters: number of storeys, time of putting the building into operation, surrounding by appropriate infrastructure, knowledge of planning the development of the surrounding area. In the GIM Company database you will find only objects built or under construction with the application of serious quality standards.

The company, by prior agreement on the date of the Buyer's arrival, provides a free transfer to the airport and delivers to the place of residence, conducts a short sightseeing tour of the city. A gratuitous agreement is signed with the Client on mediation in the selection of real estate, as well as on the design and support of transactions with it.

If you buy an apartment, we will help you rent it out during your absence.

GIM will be glad to cooperate with you on all issues of buying, repairing and operating real estate in Georgia.