All about buying an apartment in Batumi

July 6 2020

So, to buy an apartment in Batumi, you will need to have a passport and a part of the amount equivalent to the first installment. All. If you want an installment plan, no matter where you are from, the conditions for everyone (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians ...) are identical. Of the total expenses for the acquisition of real estate are only the payment for the apartment (the cost of the apartment) and registration in the State Public Register (106 GEL). It will take 15-20 minutes to register an apartment (conclusion of an agreement + payment at the bank + registration of rights in the Register). You can also buy real estate without coming to Georgia. Your proxy purchases on your behalf (by proxy) and registers the rights in the registry. Either you do everything remotely, sign an agreement and pay through the bank by SWIFT transfer, but later you, or a trusted person, arrive to register the rights in the register. 

You can submit a request for registration of ownership of a building, an apartment under construction, at any branch of the House of Justice or a civil registry agency, having the following documents with you:

  1. Application (an electronic application is completed by the receiving operator);
  2. Copy of identity card;
  3. A duly certified agreement on the emergence of the ownership of the apartment;
  4. A document confirming the payment of the cost of registration service (payment of the cost of service is possible on the spot).

If the applicant is a representative of the person concerned, it is necessary to additionally submit a Power of Attorney document and a copy of an identity card.

Terms and cost of service:

  • In 4 working days - 50 GEL;
  • For 1 working day - 150 GEL;
  • On the same day - 200 GEL.

Pay attention to the correspondence of the Georgian version of the document with the Russian (English, Turkish, etc.). Check all the details, your details and the developer's details in the contract. Not fully completed documents in the register by the developer will prevent you from registering the ownership of the apartment.

Just be careful when looking for and buying an apartment yourself, or contact us, we will advise you completely for free.

As for taxes on the acquisition of real estate in Georgia, they do not exist. There is a property tax on real estate. The maximum annual rate is 1%, the rate depends on the family's annual income received on the territory of Georgia (from 40 lari). If you do not receive income on the territory of Georgia, then the property tax will not affect you.