Georgia will continue to fight for lari

July 6 2020

Georgia is following the path of maintaining the national currency and does not intend to abandon it, Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Giorgi Gakharia said, commenting on the government's program to reduce the dollarization of the country's economy.

"It is of fundamental importance for us to solve the problem of dollarization. We are all well aware that the level of dollarization is a serious risk for our economy. Therefore, the larization policy that was chosen by the government is a very important and long-term direction," the head of the economic department stressed.

Gakharia is convinced that the program will make the country's economy more resilient and reduce its dependence on external shocks, Sputnik Georgia reports.

Recall that the government's plan implies transferring part of mortgage loans to lari, a ban on the issuance of consumer loans in foreign currency, the mandatory indication of prices in national currency and some other measures.