Batumi is popular even on New Year's holidays

July 6 2020

According to travel agencies selling tickets to almost all parts of the world, including Georgia and other CIS countries, this year the demand for tourist vouchers for the New Year holidays in the direction of Georgia and the CIS countries has practically not decreased, and somewhere even slightly, but increased. The same cannot be said for other outbound destinations, the demand for which has fallen, as usual.

According to Rena Galustova, head of the department for Central Asia and the Caucasus of one of the travel agencies, the economic crisis faced by the Russian Federation forced everyone to postpone the decision of the question of future rest. But when all the tourists decided to buy vouchers, the prices for them by this time have increased significantly.

Against this background, the demand for travel packages to countries such as Georgia and Armenia has increased. The cost of tickets in both directions, as well as the level of financial investments, are approximately the same. Nevertheless, it is Georgia that is considered the most desirable destination for tourists. The fact is that the excursion program is much more varied on the territory of this country. Some tours include daily exploration of brand new locations for 12-14 days. Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi are considered the main routes for the direction of tourist vouchers. It is noteworthy that, despite this, the cost of apartments in Batumi is not so great. Through the Georgian Investment Market agency, you can find the most economically and practically profitable options for acquiring real estate.

One of the advantages of the Armenian direction is the relatively low cost of tourist vouchers Moscow-Yerevan. The price for them is almost two times lower than the Moscow-Tbilisi route. Uzbekistan is in third place.

Currently, three Russian airlines oversee flights between Moscow and Tbilisi. At the same time, only one of the national Georgian companies is engaged in this - Georgian Airways. By the way, there are still many applicants among Russian airlines, but the Georgian leadership is in no hurry to increase the number of admitted ones. The CEO of Georgian Airways has repeatedly expressed concern that his company is between three fires (three Russian airlines) and may ultimately not withstand such serious competition.

Today Georgian Airways operates about seven flights per week on the Moscow-Tbilisi route. As for the Russian airlines "Siberia", "Aeroflot" and "Transaero", the average number of their flights is also seven.