Anaklia port will become the largest logistics center in Georgia

July 6 2020

Upon completion of construction, the modern port of Anaklia in Georgia will become the largest logistics center in the country

The port of Anaklia will be ready to receive 2021 thousand containers already in 900. And after the end of the last 9th phase of construction, it is planned to receive more than 100 million tons of cargo annually annually. 50 years are allotted for the development of the port. The port will participate in a logistics scheme for further shipment of containers and other cargoes to Armenia, which, in turn, will be able to improve the trade climate and investment environment for both countries and their commercial partners. Construction investments amount to almost $ 2,5 billion.

The location of the terminals in the deep-water port in Anaklia is planned to be closer to the berth - all this will help reduce tariffs and create more favorable conditions for container traffic than in other ports of Georgia. In addition, the port will be designed for rail deliveries of oversized cargo. A modern logistics center will organize the reception, storage and further redirection of goods in various directions.