6 interesting facts about the Youth Palace in Tbilisi

July 6 2020
  1. The palace was built in 1868 by the most revered and beloved Georgians, Mikhail Vorontsov, the imperial governor, who relaxed the empire's Russification policy, namely, allowed the use of the Georgian language in theaters and schools, opened libraries and took part in the revival of the traditions of the Caucasus.
  2. In the hall where Count Mikhail Vorontsov once received guests, Georgia declared its independence on May 26, 1918. And in the next hall on February 25, 1921, the Constitution will be adopted, and Georgia will become one of the Soviet republics.
  3.  In 1935, Joseph Stalin settled his mother, Keke Geladze, in the palace. A modest woman, at her own request, occupied only three rooms next to the basement, and she generally used one as a chicken coop.
  4. In 1956, a film studio “Pioneer-Film” for young people was founded in the palace. The studio is still working. The guys comprehend cinema under the guidance of real professionals.
  5. There is a famous table in the palace, at which in 1975 the world chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili defeated Nana Alexandria.
  6. The palace can also boast of the presence of a historical reel with the voice of Gagarin. The greeting of the first cosmonaut in the history of mankind was recorded during Gagarin's visit to Tbilisi. In honor of this event, a planetarium was opened and operated in the palace.