Two new resorts will appear on the Black Sea

July 6 2020

The Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara plans to actively develop tourism in the territory of Chakvi and Tsikhisdziri. According to the ministry's project, a modern tourist infrastructure will be created on 180 hectares in Tsikhidziri and 170 hectares in Chakvi. It is planned to organize various types of recreation for visitors, including medical. And the entrance to the resort area will be possible only by electric vehicles. The peculiarity of Tsikhiridze's climate is that due to the height (80 meters above sea level) it is softer than in Batumi. And Chakvi is a beautiful clean beach next to the Botanical Gardens and Mtirala Nature Reserve. Therefore, the favorable location of these zones, in the opinion of local authorities, will contribute to the overall development of tourism in Georgia as a whole.