Drawing up contracts of purchase and sale, rent of an apartment (house) in Georgia

July 6 2020

Construction in Georgia ranked third after the financial and energy sectors of the economy in attracting investments from non-residents of the country. Buy an apartment in Georgia beneficial for many reasons. For example, for residents of other countries, Georgia is affordable, there are fewer bureaucratic delays, there are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate, stable economic development over the past years. Moreover, Georgia is actively developing as a tourist destination and buying an apartment in Batumi or Tbilisi for subsequent leasing is a profitable, quickly payback and profitable business.

Contracts for the sale or lease of an apartment (house) are best drawn up by specialists. Our company will conduct a detailed consultation, help answer all your questions, draw up a contract for the sale, lease of an apartment (house) in Georgia, taking into account your interests and wishes. Our staff consists of professional lawyers with extensive experience and seniority. We will assist in the transaction.

Purchasing real estate with us will be an easy and uncomplicated procedure!