Why it is interesting and profitable to buy an apartment in Batumi

July 6 2020

 Now Batumi looks like a large construction site. Quite often, unique apart-hotels appear. The city is changing before our eyes. The new architecture fits neatly into the unique landscape between the sea and the mountains. There are many sports grounds in the city, a gorgeous promenade for walking. A huge number of wonderful cafes with delicious Georgian cuisine. Stores are packed with European goods at affordable prices. The city is small, cozy, you can get by with a bicycle or even walk. Wonderful park areas. The surroundings of Batumi are famous both for their natural beauty and for many historical monuments. The city is also comfortable for children. A large number of private kindergartens, European level schools, sports clubs, music and art schools. Apartments in houses under construction are inexpensive. In the range of 15000-20000 thousand dollars, you can buy an apartment without finishing and for 10000-15000 you can make excellent repairs. Materials in stores and furniture are brought directly from Europe. Therefore, you should not worry about quality. But if you do not want or do not have the opportunity to engage in renovation, then there are excellent offers for every taste with finishing and ready-made renovation. We have already written that it is great to live in Batumi. And if you do not have the opportunity to move, then you can make good money by renting an apartment. During the season, the area is 40 square meters. can bring the owner up to 5000-6000 thousand dollars and up to 200 dollars per month during off-season. Rent is always in demand. There are many ski resorts nearby, and waterfalls and other attractions are beautiful at any time of the year. In addition, the active development of business in Batumi attracts many specialists who need housing for a long time. And if you do not want to engage in renting yourself, you can contact a professional broker, and he will pay you up to 5000-6000 thousand dollars annually for the same 40 sq. M., Being responsible for the safety of the property.