Eco-cars will save the ecology of Georgia

July 6 2020

Youth protests took place in Tbilisi last weekend. Students rallied on the streets of Tbilisi calling on the authorities to take measures to improve air quality in the city. Thus, the statement of the business community about the grandiose plans to create an Eco-holding has become very relevant. Igroup holding unites four companies Icar, Ienergy, Ipower and Iprodaction. During the presentation of the project, it was announced that numerous electric car parking lots will be organized in Tbilisi. It will be possible to rent an electric car via the Internet. Also, a network of charging stations will be created throughout Georgia, and the construction of solar power plants will begin. The companies included in the holding even offer the creation of a national brand of electric cars for the domestic and foreign markets. Problems of ecology and environmental protection are the most relevant in recent times. Concern for the future generation and the health of the nation is a fundamental factor for the development of such technologies. To this end, Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze has set a task for the authorities and businesses to replace 90% of the fleet with electric vehicles as soon as possible.