Residence permit for foreigners in Georgia. Where is it easier?

July 6 2020

How will the changes in the Georgian legislation on residence permits please or upset? From July 5, changes will affect all types of residence permits and a new type of permanent residence will appear. And this is a good plus for foreign tourists visiting the Georgian expanses, and even more so for those who want to buy real estate there or do business. In some ways, conditions are getting tougher, and in others they are becoming more privileged. For example, they plan to issue a labor type of residence permit to those non-residents of the country who will provide the required certificates proving labor and business activities and, of course, a certificate of income every month, at least 5 times the average living wage in Georgia. This type of residence permit, as an investment one, was issued to foreigners who invested in Georgia at least 300 lari, but now, with innovations in the legislation, one more condition will be the availability of real estate worth higher than the foreigner invested in Georgia. Changes will also take place in the issuance of a short-term residence permit, namely, that earlier foreigners with real estate in Georgia worth $ 000 could receive it, now from July 35 this figure should be at least $ 000. Such a residence permit will be issued for 5 year.