Georgia don't panic.

July 6 2020

The whole world is faced with a universal scourge, COVID-19. The coronavirus has spread to almost all countries. Unfortunately, Georgia was no exception, and also suffered from this epidemic. Our main task is to prevent its spread. Judging by the latest reports, Georgia copes with the problem of confronting the coronavirus much better than other countries. The Georgian government is taking all measures to prevent the spread of the quarantine virus in the country, primarily through preventive measures. Information about the necessary preventive measures goes through all channels. And people perceive it adequately. For example, residents of the country were urged on TV not to hug or kiss when meeting - and this popular Georgian custom has been suspended.
All Georgian citizens who arrived from other countries are quarantined in special hospitals, where experienced infectious disease doctors monitor their condition. Today, Georgia has all the necessary drugs to control the detection of infected people. Lugar's laboratory is the undoubted wealth and pride of the country, there are only a few laboratories of this level in the world. Lugar's laboratory is able to identify many dangerous viruses and bacteria in the shortest possible time, including covid-19.
The authorities urged all citizens to work from home whenever possible. Schools and universities were transferred to online education, and holidays were announced 10 days ago. All performances in theaters and screenings in cinemas were temporarily canceled, museums and clubs were closed. Citizens are advised to avoid traveling abroad. Restaurants and cafes are still open, but there are almost no locals in them - only tourists. There is no panic: tourists walk freely, although, of course, there are much fewer of them. There is no shortage of goods in grocery stores. Banks of Georgia gave relief on loans for three months - both for companies and for individuals. The government has temporarily canceled the movement of fixed-route taxis; the city can only be reached by metro or bus.
So, in general, everything is being done to prevent the spread of the virus in Georgia. And this is thanks to the mutual understanding and cooperation of the government and ordinary citizens of Georgia, because we are talking about the health of many, many people. Georgia will defeat the coronavirus!