Frequently asked question: what to do in Batumi in winter?

July 6 2020

Going to the resort, we often ask ourselves: What to do there? Where to go? And how to spend time for the benefit of the soul? Especially if you go to a seaside resort in winter. Batumi is the most popular and demanded resort city at any time of the year. Why is he so attractive and good? And what places can you visit in Batumi?

So, we will try to answer these questions as much as possible and advise you on the best places.

No1 - The Botanical Garden, yes it is, despite the fact that in the summer it looks much more colorful and attractive, does not mean that in winter it will be visually much different, its liveliness and beauty attracts at any time of the year. Today it is one of the largest parks in Georgia. The garden is located 9 kilometers from Batumi, not far from the Green Cape, in Adjara.

No2 - Batumi Boulevard is the pride of Adjara and specifically Batumi. It stretches for seven kilometers and is located along the northwestern coastal part. According to the layout, the boulevard consists of five parallel alleys, which are separated by classic lawns. Walking along these alleys, you can also rent a bike there and ride along a specially designated bike path.

No3 - Cafes and restaurants. This is a separate topic for pride. Based on your mood and mood, you yourself can choose where to go for lunch in the afternoon and how to relax in the evening. In the evenings, there are many establishments in Batumi that often host live evenings (evenings with live music) and not only Georgian cuisine, but also European cuisine, at night a club atmosphere is created in many bars, there are also separate clubs. Lots of restaurants with panoramic views and great aura. All this works both in summer and in winter.

No4 - The Ferris Wheel is a great opportunity to look at this incredible city from above and experience interesting sensations. its height is about 55 m, despite this, the cabins are modern and open, and the prices are affordable.

No5 - Argo cable car - the lower part of the cable car is located near the seaside port, in the center of Batumi, and the upper station is at an altitude of 250 meters. In the afternoon, before lunch, the best time for photo and video shooting, and in the evening and at night, beautiful landscapes of sunsets open up for your eyes. At the top of the cable car there is a church, souvenir shops and cafes.

Here we have listed a small list of what you can do in Batumi. Enjoy your stay and good mood!