Everything will be fine!!!!

July 6 2020

Hello! Despite the difficult situation in our country, and what is there in our country, but in the whole world, life in Georgia continues to go on as usual. Of course there are some changes, but this does not affect our Georgian people. We, people living in the Caucasus, are accustomed to being persistent and strong, no matter what!
The pandemic has taken over the whole world. But Georgia continues to fight hard. To date, 61 cases of coronavirus infected have been identified in Georgia. Already 8 people have recovered. And this is not the limit of the achievements of Georgian doctors. Thanks to their skilled work and attention, as well as the mobilization of the Georgian authorities, the growth of coronavirus patients is not increasing as quickly as in other countries. After taking the appropriate measures, the citizens of Georgia obey the rules established by the government and observe all precautions. Everything will be fine - the words of our people, and we believe in it! And it cannot be otherwise!