An apartment in Batumi is an affordable dream!

July 6 2020

Excellent climate, wide investment opportunities and affordable prices
for real estate - that's why more and more people come to Georgia
foreigners. For living or doing business, foreigners most often
buy apartments in Tbilisi or Batumi. Considering that the number
tourists are constantly growing, apartments in Old Tbilisi are
stable demand.
As for apartments in Batumi, the prospect of having real estate in
sea ​​becomes very attractive. Coming on vacation for
The Black Sea coast of Georgia and enjoying the delights of resort life,
everyone dreams of buying an apartment in Batumi.
Recently in the real estate market, Batumi has become very popular
resort, the appearance of the city has changed a lot, the territory has increased in
several times, neighborhoods with fantastic
skyscrapers. And it was precisely this rapid development that turned Batumi into
one of the most attractive and promising areas for
international investment.
Batumi can be easily considered a city of contrast. Old area slowly
moves to New, where the old houses, with their incredibly beautiful and
unusual architecture is replaced by modern multi-storey
Tourists, coming to rest, love to walk in the old area, where
the whole history of Batumi, at a glance. Only in Batumi you can see
The mosque and the Christian church are a few meters apart.
In Batumi, the most interesting areas for buying an apartment are conditionally
divided into "new" and "old" city. Active development is on the first
lines from the sea on the new boulevard (Maria and Mekha Kaczynski), the main
whose landmark is a futuristic and unique building
When buying real estate in Batumi, a foreigner will not receive
problems of the language barrier. And with the registration of the purchase of an apartment will not
no difficulty. It's very easy to buy an apartment in Georgia!