Buying a property is the foundation of stability!

July 6 2020

The modern world is a world of open borders. Anyone can choose according to their taste not only the place of their next vacation, but also try to move for permanent residence in the country or city they love. At the same time, in the process of moving to another country, any immigrant at some point has the problem of acquiring his own living space. It is at this stage that many expats face serious problems, since each country has its own rules and procedures for acquiring and owning real estate.
Georgia is one of the most promising countries to move to today. Thanks to the visa-free regime with the EU, established in 2017, this country is developing rapidly and attracts a large number of tourists, businessmen and investors. Since Batumi is the largest resort on the Georgian Black Sea coast, this city is currently considered the center of sales and purchases of real estate in Georgia.
Batumi has become a profitable investment destination since the reign of Alexander II, when the Batumi port was declared a free port. Big capital entered Batumi - the Parisian banking house of the Rothschilds, the American oil company Rockefeller's Standard Oil, the Nobel Brothers Oil Production Partnership, the oil magnate and philanthropist A. Mantashev, the brothers Stepane and Petre Zubalashvili and many others.
The British, Austro-Hungarian and Japanese empires, as well as Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Greece, the Netherlands, Denmark, Persia and the North American United States, opened in Batumi under Port Thraco. Everyone needed kerosene from Baku oil.
On the initiative of the scientist D. Mendeleev and according to the project of the architect V. Shukhov, the Nobel Brothers Partnership with the financial support of A. Mantashev built the first main product pipeline in the Russian Empire (kerosene pipeline) with a length of 833 km (along the railroad) to pump kerosene from Baku to Batumi, which has become the largest pipeline in the world.
All this contributed to the growth of the city and the development of its economy. And now Batumi also continues to grow and develop. This is also due to the fact that the economy and real estate market in Georgia is one of the few that does not suffer from geopolitical instability in modern Europe, and the country's government has provided great opportunities for all those who wish to buy an apartment in Batumi or in other cities of Georgia. Moreover, one of the key factors in the choice of Georgia as a destination for financial investments for foreign investors is the fact that there are no problems with communication in foreign languages ​​in this country. This can also be an advantage when communicating with a realtor and property owners, which will make the process of buying an apartment in Batumi, Tbilisi and other large cities as comfortable as possible!