Batumi-enchanting sunset!

July 6 2020

The sun rises and sets regardless of the season, circumstances and mood of people. A person is always looking for happiness, but it lies in simple things and is so close. Living in harmony with nature, isn't that happiness? Watching sunrises and sunsets, isn't it wonderful? Sunrise and sunset are very beautiful, or rather, even bewitching phenomena that can be observed every day, the main thing is desire. Just imagine the expanse of the sea, endless and beautiful, slightly touched by small ripples, which stretches to the very horizon, where the sky merges with the water. And now, gradually, as in slow motion, a huge fireball begins to approach the edge of the sea. The sun, sinking lower and lower, begins to paint the clouds and the surface of the water in bright orange colors, gradually dissolving into the sea, giving it all its colors and warmth. A bright sunny path lies on the sea, dissolving into twilight in a matter of minutes. So beautifully the day gives way to the evening in Batumi. This city only at first seems too touristy and industrial, but after staying here longer, you fall in love with it more and more. Batumi is indeed a city of contrasts. It is at the same time calm and noisy, modern and very old, quiet and perky ... for everyone, whoever discovers it for themselves.
And in the evening the entire coast of Batumi turns into a large cinema and the best performance begins. People with their whole families come to the sea, towards the new Batumi sunset: majestic and captivating, however, like everything created by nature. They sit on the shore, on the cooled stones, so as not to miss this mesmerizing sight.
And although the characters are always the same - the sea, the sun and the sky - sometimes it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from the picture, as if you merge into one, not only with all the characters, but with the whole world. The southern night is coming fast. A few minutes is all. Curtain!
Tired of the hot midday heat, people go to the sea to breathe in the evening coolness, smell the salty breeze, take a leisurely stroll along the embankment, eat in one of the many cafes, swim or just take a photo at sunset. And the pictures change every minute, leaving everyone a chance for a great shot. There simply cannot be others. Nature is constantly adding some touch to make our picture perfect.
Here fountains sing and dance on Lake Ardagani, which is beautiful in itself and makes an indelible impression, lovers meet on the embankment and wishes come true.
We are all so different with our values, pleasures and favorite places ... But such a sight as a sunset, I think, will definitely be appreciated by everyone.