Georgian doctors are a worthy example for all countries.

July 6 2020

Countries of the world, one after another, are taking serious measures to combat the pandemic. But in spite of this, more and more infected people appear, mortality is increasing, this is especially evident in Italy, Spain, France, and the United States. Georgia has also found itself in the hotbed of this virus. But the Georgian authorities took serious and decisive measures to stop the penetration of the virus into the interior of the country and prevent it from reaching the entire population. Therefore, at the moment, Georgia has the smallest number of infected and more than one death. Experts from most countries of the world are trying to learn from the experience of Georgian epidemiologists in the fight against coronavirus. They call up Georgian doctors and consult with them. Our doctors-epidemiologists tell their foreign colleagues about the treatments they provide, share their experience. The Georgian government is doing everything to prevent the virus from gaining momentum. But it should be noted that the population of Georgia also supports its government, without violating the rules of self-isolation and quarantine. Since March 31, a curfew has been introduced in the country. The measures taken by the Georgian government seem to me to be quite effective, and our people stand firmly against them.