Extreme and active rest in Georgia.

July 6 2020

If you like active rest and prefer extreme rest to wallowing on the beach, then in Georgia there are many options for such a rest.
1. Of course, this is a ski vacation. There are 5 ski resorts in Georgia: Bakuriani, Gudauri, Khatsvali, Tetnuldi and Goderdzi. All of them are located in different parts of Georgia, so each will be interesting in its own way. The season for skiing and snowboarding starts in mid-December and lasts until April.
2. If there are mountains and rocks, then you can go mountain climbing. The mountainous terrain is very diverse, so everyone will find adventures for themselves and obstacles of varying difficulty. The bravest ones can try to conquer Kazbek and Shkhara - the highest points in Georgia.
3. In addition to the mountains, Georgia is also famous for its mountain rivers. Therefore, rafting is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Rafting is an extreme swimming on a mountain river, with foam, splashes and rapids. The best period for rafting is from April, when the snow begins to melt and the rivers become full-flowing, and until October, when the water is still not quite cold.
4. Georgia is a small but very diverse country with magnificent nature. There are so many beautiful, and not even just beautiful, but super amazing places that everyone should see. Trekking in Georgia is not just a hike, but an educational walk. Moreover, there are many attractions nearby, and you can’t drive up to them by car. Therefore, walking is a combination of useful and pleasant. 5. Well, if you are a little lazy to walk, you can use mountain bikes. Bicycle tourism, like trekking, is a very good way to explore the nature of Georgia. This country is small, so it can be covered in a few days. 6. And if you are not at all in the mood for a bike ride or a hike, you can use off-road vehicles. However, it is worth remembering that not all places can be reached by car. 7. One of the most interesting outdoor activities is paragliding. Flights are held throughout the year, but not in any weather. This type of entertainment is becoming more and more popular in Georgia because it is a very good opportunity to fly over the mountains. 8. Fun entertainment for animal and nature lovers is horseback riding. A ride on beautiful horses through picturesque nature will leave unforgettable memories. In addition, special preparation is not needed for this.