Tourism is Alive!

July 6 2020

All over the world, due to the pandemic, tourism is in critical
condition. The whole sphere of tourism suffers: hotel business, restaurants, tour
agencies. But this is not a reason to lose heart and fold your arms. There is a possibility
improve these problems.
When the crisis is over and people have an opportunity
travel, they will. True, tourists will already have others
criteria for requests. Internal and
interregional tourism rather than tourism to distant exotic countries.
Georgia also does not lose hope for a speedy revival of tourism, because this
is one of the main spheres of the economy of this country. Likely,
after the end of the pandemic, outbound tourism will be popular in Georgia
more than the entrance. Since due to the current situation, the economy
Georgia swayed a little and Citizens will not be able to leave the country
first time. Until the month of May, flights in Georgia have not been canceled, closer to
borders will open in the summer, and tourists from abroad will be able to finally visit
Georgia. Compared to other countries, Georgia will become more visited
country, because a strong outbreak of the virus was not observed here. So that,
This is not the time to lose heart, we will prepare for the next tourist season.
After all, we will now need freedom, new emotions and travel!