Georgia in the spring.

July 6 2020

Spring is a time of renewal and the beginning of something new, and spring in Georgia is an excuse to escape from the cold in the summer. This is an insanely beautiful time of the year. All nature around comes to life and flourishes. Flowering fields, green meadows in the mountains! Multi-colored Georgia, as I call our country at this time of the year. Bright green color is mixed with bright white, pink, red colors. It is simply impossible to describe, it must be seen. The smell of flowering citrus trees spreads everywhere, and in combination with fresh sea air, it acquires an unforgettable aroma! The weather in May is fully restored. The sun is rising in the sky. It's almost summer on the coast: the thermometer reaches above +26...+28 C, the only precipitation being warm and quick spring rain. In Tbilisi, the average temperature reaches +27...+28 C by the end of May, +9...+12 C at night. Daylight hours last 14-15 hours, the sun shines for almost the entire month, just a couple of rainy days. Warm spring weather, healing mountain air is the time of new plans, accomplishments, the time of active actions and the realization of opportunities. Enjoying the enchanting aromas of blooming spring, do not waste time, feel free to get down to business! Luck favors the bold and determined.