Small but sure step on the road to victory

July 6 2020

Starting today, from April 27, Georgia is beginning to gradually remove the restrictions that were established by the government during the quarantine. Despite the fact that the number of infected people continues to grow, this is just a small part of what could have happened. From today, the movement of cars was allowed, and agricultural markets were opened. This is already the first step towards success in the fight against coronavirus. The citizens of Georgia were able to fulfill all the conditions of the quarantine, and thereby prevent him from overcoming us, especially the population of large cities. It was very difficult, but we were able to. We did it! The next stage of lifting the restrictions will be in two weeks. And we hope that during this time the situation will not change for the worse, we will also be able to move one step forward in the fight against this pandemic. And today even the weather is happy with us. Spring is already fully coming into its own. The city is gradually reviving, blossoming and painted in bright multi-colored colors. The scent of flowering trees is felt everywhere. Spring is coming!! Spring is dear !!!