Looking forward to the summer !!!!

July 6 2020

 The summer season in Georgia will be calm. So, the first steps have already begun to weaken the quarantine regime in a pandemic. Georgia is successfully passing the II stage of quarantine exit. Such large cities as Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi have become available for visiting. Some of the stores have started operating, in which all the precautions taken by the Ministry of Health of Georgia are observed. Other sectors of the economy also started working. The country starts to come alive after a pause. Citizens also come to their senses, take to the streets, but they still do it with a little caution, because no one has canceled the risk of infection. Spring is in full swing outside, warm, greenery around, trees in bloom. But the only negative is that tourists are not visible anywhere. For Batumi, this is a little unusual, because at this time of the year on the streets you can already hear the conversation of tourists from different countries of the world. But we still do not lose heart, and hope for the best.
As for the tourism industry in the country, which was and is one of the most important sectors of the economy, that is why the Minister of Economy Natia Turnava recently announced that Georgia plans to become the first country in the world to open borders for tourists. The tourism industry needs time until it becomes profitable and attractive again, as it was before the crisis. Therefore, the Georgian government is actively working to ensure that, subject to strict recommendations, Georgia is one of the first countries to return tourists !!!!!
And now, thanks to the success of Georgia in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided to allow the tourist season inside the country from June 15, and from July 1, Georgia is ready to open its borders for foreign tourists. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Georgian authorities decided to position the country as a "safe destination" for tourists. Thus, the government is trying to revive the country's tourism industry, which came to a complete standstill after the border closure in mid-March.
Tourists coming to Georgia will rest in the so-called "green zones", where complete safety from infection will be ensured for both tourists and the local population. In turn, the Georgian government fully supports the development of the expansion of the tourism sector in the country.