Buying real estate online in a day is our guarantee and reliability!

July 16 2020

By buying real estate online, you become a real estate owner, saving time and money. Now real estate can be purchased without leaving home. And this is not difficult at all, much easier than you might think at first glance. Now we will introduce you to the terms of remote purchase. 1. Choice of real estate. We will provide you with several options for real estate that you would like to have in the future, then we will present you with an online video presentation, where we will tell you in detail about your chosen property. And if this object interests you, fits you according to your criteria, then we will move on to the legal part. We go through a check and sign a preliminary sales contract with the developer or with the owner of the property, which is sent to the buyer's e-mail. If the buyer agrees, he signs the contract, scans and sends it to the developer or the owner of the apartment by mail. Then, after you have made the initial payment on the basis of the contract, after a certain time you sign the purchase and sale contract, transfer the full amount of money, and receive a code from the State Register confirming your property. And that's all. You are already becoming the owner of real estate by the sea! Agree that it is not so difficult, but most importantly it is reliable, and we guarantee it.