What do future owners of real estate choose when buying apartments in new buildings?

July 24 2020

 Recently finished apartments have become very popular in the primary market. Developers provide different options, depending on the preferences of the buyers. For those who want to immediately move into a new building, we offer apartments "turnkey". If the buyer wants to decorate the interior to his taste, and at the same time save time, then he is offered with White box finishing (white frame) with already completed rough work. Recently, most developers offer ready-made apartments with furniture and appliances in their comfort-class projects. Most buyers prefer the presence of a complete finish, while the reason for choosing may be different, starting with the opportunity to move into a turnkey apartment in a short time, or to buy an apartment with a finish, including it in full payment. But most buyers still prefer "White box". An obvious plus in this case is the ability to skip the stage of rough work and proceed to the exterior decoration of the apartment. But there are also buyers who prefer to buy on the principle “the cheaper the better”. The main thing for them is to enter the project, and funds for repairs can be found later. It is logical that roughing and finishing works are already included in the price. However, with finishes, you can find affordable options. Hence the conclusion that more than 80% prefer new buildings with finishing, and the rest choose "bare walls", since the absence of the developer's costs for roughing and finishing works allows to reduce housing prices. Well, now the choice is yours, in what state to buy an apartment.