How profitable to buy an apartment for rent?

July 24 2020

Batumi is the most popular seaside resort in Georgia. More and more tourists visit it every year. Consequently, the number of hotels, guest houses and hostels is increasing. But not all tourists prefer to stay in hotels. Guests who come on vacation with families prefer renting apartments. Therefore, rent in Batumi is in great demand. Those who have the financial ability are trying to profitably invest in the purchase of an apartment for the purpose of subsequent lease. And now we will tell you how to do this and make a profitable return on investment.

To begin with, you should pay attention that it is best to buy housing for rent on the secondary real estate market, since a new building will take more time to complete construction, and this is a big waste of money that is unlikely to pay off as quickly as you would like. The most interesting option is to buy an apartment by the sea, 1st or 2nd coastline or the central part of the city, with good infrastructure, i.e. the proximity of public transport, supermarkets, cafes, parks, Boulevard, and various interesting sights. It should be noted that in Batumi they are not far from each other.  

Having bought an apartment in a prime location with good infrastructure, you can make not very expensive cosmetic repairs (if necessary), purchase inexpensive but necessary household appliances, cable TV and the Internet. And the whole apartment will be ready for rent. Here it will be necessary to take into account the fact that the requirements of tenants will be increased. Apartments of the Elite or Premium level should be located in the most prestigious districts of the city or on the very seashore, view apartments. Preference will be given to apartments with XNUMX-hour security and an underground garage. In Batumi, more and more modern new buildings with such conditions appear and are in great demand rather than economy or business-level houses. Clients' requirements for infrastructure, location and quality of repair of such apartments will be very high if the investor plans to get a high level of profit from renting such an apartment, but such an apartment will also be able to pay off in full in a short time.