Why Batumi? The stunning success of the resort city.

January 1 1970

Fans of the subtropical climate, clean sea air and a healthy lifestyle, having visited Batumi, cannot but fall in love with this city. According to Forbes magazine in 2019, Batumi is recognized as the best city for investment. Demand for housing in Batumi began to grow a long time ago. And now the popularity of this city is still great.

Batumi is a city that attracts people from all over the world. This is the heart of Georgia. There are more and more people wishing to live in an atmosphere of celebration, prosperity and goodwill, which is felt in every corner of our city. Even despite the current epidemiological situation.

So why is Batumi so attractive for investment?

 Guests who arrived in Batumi, and who later became residents of cities, are attracted not only by the favorable climate and unique atmosphere, but also by the very convenient infrastructure and good transport accessibility, the absence of traffic jams. And most importantly, a large selection of real estate objects of different levels, both a luxurious Suite on the Black Sea coast, and an inexpensive economy class apartment in a residential area.

What potential does Batumi keep in itself, and how can you earn on investments?

Georgia is one of the few European countries where it is possible to buy and sell not only entire objects, but also square meters. That is, having bought 1 sq.m., you get a whole package of documents for the right of ownership. This is where your investment can start.

Investments can be divided into two groups - urgent and long-term.

  • Term investment is when the maximum profit can be obtained in a short time. You invest in finished or under construction housing, so that later you can sell it profitably. There is an offer to sell at a very favorable price, due to shares from the developer or haste from the owner. You buy it and then resell it at a higher price. But we should note that housing prices in Batumi are growing significantly, so it is advisable to wait a bit with a quick sale.
  • Long-term investment - you buy a property for the purpose of renting it out. Such real estate includes not only an apartment or a house. But also commercial facilities, for rent to a store, cafe, office, hotel. This type of investment is more stable, but the payback period is much longer. In Batumi, of course, it is best to buy apartments on the seashore. During the high season they are in high demand for rent.

So, no matter what type of investment you choose, profit and income are guaranteed. That is why Batumi has become one of the most attractive cities for investment. Batumi is a unique city, and interest in it will always grow.