Countryside real estate in Georgia - demand is growing

December 28 2020

There was a time when Georgia was most often the source of political news. But in recent years, this country has become one of the main destinations for recreation among foreign citizens.

The coronavirus pandemic that broke out in 2020 changed not only the usual way of life around the world, but also significantly influenced the real estate markets of many countries, including Georgia, which has always been very popular with foreigners.

Interest in local real estate has always been high. And during the period of self-isolation, the demand for the purchase of suburban real estate in Georgia from March to September increased markedly.

This is due to the fact that many people find it difficult to be in quarantine - locked in four walls. The pandemic has sparked interest not only in renting private houses and cottages, but also in buying suburban real estate.

What are the advantages of living outside the city?

Of course, clean air. Sitting in self-isolation, people realized that just housing in itself is not of great value, if there is no comfort, the opportunity to go out for a walk, get some air. Especially in a pandemic, it is important to have places to go without putting yourself in danger of infection. And having your own home, you will always have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Your own piece of land will make you feel like a real land owner. On the ground, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits, which are much healthier and tastier than store ones. In a cozy home of your own, surrounded by a forest or river, you can always enjoy the peace and quiet.

True, when choosing a house or plot, you also need to take into account the location, as well as the transport infrastructure. The long journeys and walks to the motorway can tire you, but there are some benefits to this, too.

So, buying a country house or land plot in Georgia, do not be afraid of difficulties. All of them are solvable if you are serious.