Do you want to have your own accommodation by the sea?

February 18 2021

A dream - to live close to the sea coast can be prevented by many circumstances, most often this is a job that requires the presence in a particular city. In this case, you can buy an apartment in Batumi and enjoy the wonderful climate at least occasionally - during the holiday season. And for the rest of the period, rent out an apartment or become a kind relative, inviting all relatives to take advantage of your kindness and stay by the sea in your apartment.

Moreover, investing in real estate is a win-win and very good option:

  • the price per square meter is only growing, which means that you always win;
  • having made repairs, you yourself can significantly increase the cost of housing and resell it profitably;
  • rent out an apartment - that's a source of passive income.

Thus, you always remain in the black. And who knows, maybe after visiting sunny Georgia, you will want to change your place of residence. After all, everything here is permeated with warmth, hospitality and cordiality.