Do you know how to eat khinkali correctly?

February 1 2021

Khinkali is a dish with a rich history, every citizen of Georgia will tell you that you should definitely try this aromatic and satisfying dish.

There are quite a few recipes for cooking meat in dough by boiling in the world:

  • in Russian national cuisine, such a dish is called dumplings;
  • the Chinese have kimchi mandu;
  • in Italy - ravioli;
  • in Korea dim sum;
  • in India - modak.

By the way, outwardly, modak, most of all, resembles traditional Georgian khinkali. This list can be continued by including Ukrainian dumplings, Kazakh mandas and other dishes. But if you purchased real estate in Georgia, then they simply have to pay tribute to this country and behave at the table, as is customary. To begin with, khinkali are eaten with their hands, taken by the leg (the place where the dough is tightly rolled and pinched), bite, drink the broth, and only then eat it. Believe me, it's delicious!

In general, the cuisine of this sunny country is so rich in traditions that it is impossible to leave the table hungry with all the desire.