Even the air is healthier in Georgia!

February 9 2021

If you still wonder if buy an apartment in Georgia, we will tell you what is the difference between sea air and a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases in large non-coastal cities. It is not in vain that people have been striving for the sea coast since centuries, this desire is due not only to the desire to live closer to the water, but also to long-term observations and assessment of the health and life expectancy of those who were born, raised and lived by the sea.

Everyone who has ever been to the coast knows that the air here has a smell, it smells like sea water, because it contains microscopic particles. The composition of the air after a thunderstorm, when ozone is formed in it, is considered the most curative - the specific smell of freshness is familiar to almost everyone. Its beneficial effect is in its high disinfecting effect.

But even the usual sea breeze:

  • contains useful salts;
  • ionized;
  • there is no dust in it.

Simple breathing becomes a therapy that has a beneficial effect on all bodily functions. Protective reactions are strengthened, immunity is strengthened, regeneration is improved.

Take care of your health - move to Georgia!