How to save on vacation?

March 1 2021

Every year, millions of people choose a variety of tourist destinations, spend huge sums on tours, go to unverified hotels, and are often disappointed. There are also happy exceptions, when all conditions meet expectations, and rest gives the desired recuperation and new, pleasant impressions. But there is a way to solve the question "Where to go on vacation?" with the lowest annual cost and with the greatest benefit to yourself.

Summing up investments for summer vacations over several years, we can come to the conclusion that the invested funds would be quite enough to buy an apartment in Georgia, eg. And your own accommodation by the sea is an opportunity to come to the coast, in specially equipped conditions for you, at any time of the year. You will not have to pay for accommodation, and at a time when the housing is empty, you can rent it out to friends and acquaintances. This is again a profit, and a considerable one. In addition, the cost per square meter is always growing and you, in any case, will make a good investment.