A little about life in Georgia

March 4 2021

Before you buy real estate in Georgia, it is worth learning the main aspects of living in the country. I would like to note right away that the cost of living, in comparison with the capital of Russia, is lower here. This often leads to the desire to move. The cost of housing varies and depends on the city, the type of property, the availability of repairs and other parameters. Renting in the winter months is noticeably cheaper than in the summer - during the tourist season. A big plus is the country's climate itself - for lovers of warmth, but not sweltering heat, this is an excellent choice.

People who have moved from central Russia are in the pleasant realization that there is no need for most of the year to go around warmly dressed and endure slush, rain and cold. A different pace of life contributed to the preservation of openness and goodwill in the inhabitants of Georgia, so it is very easy to find new friends here, make acquaintances and just see smiling, satisfied faces, instead of gloomy and constantly rushing people.

A good geographical location also favors the growth of many fruit and berry crops. For lovers of organic, their own berries and fruits, this is a big plus.

And, of course, the coastal areas have an undeniable advantage - the presence of the sea, healing water and air. With regard to work, qualified specialists can easily find a place for themselves anywhere in the world and Georgia is no exception.