Entertainment, education and healthcare in Batumi

March 11 2021

If you intend buy an apartment in Batumi, then you will certainly be interested in reading about social and public life in this city. The peak of entertainment events falls on the summer period, which is understandable, because this is a resort town, while in the rest of the months you will have to be content with cinemas and catering facilities, which is also not bad. But at the end of July, a very famous all over the world festival GEM Fest is held here, where world stars gather.

Georgia has its own sources of mineral water, due to which the cost of healing waters is not overstated here. Even simple piped water is so clean that no additional filters are needed. The salubrious air from the sea, the mild climate, and the abundance of seasonal fruits contribute to health promotion. All residents of the country and foreigners are provided with medical insurance, while the treatment itself is cheaper in comparison with the European one.

There are private kindergartens in the city, where the cost per month is about $ 70. Studying in an international elementary school will cost $ 1200-1500, but for the state. institutions, the price is much lower, as in Russia, education in Georgia is free.