Isn't it time to go to the Odyssey?

April 7 2021

Do you know where the Argonauts sailed in search of the golden fleece?

Those who read the Odyssey will, of course, immediately answer this question, and the answer will be - to the country of EY or Colchis. But where is this land on the modern map? Most researchers are sure that this is the territory of Georgia. Do you want to go on a journey that is not as dangerous and long as the heroes of the myths of ancient Greece, but to an amazing, beautiful and hospitable country?

Buy an apartment in Batumi easier than you think!

The legislation of Georgia has minimally simplified all the processes associated with the acquisition of housing for foreign citizens, which makes the procedure fast and efficient:

  • the selected object is being checked for legal purity (when buying through an agency, this stage has already been passed);
  • a purchase and sale agreement is concluded;
  • the transaction is registered in the state register.

For most transactions, it does not take very long, especially if you are not acting on your own, but using the services of professionals. Buying real estate for more than 100 thousand dollars, you can get a residence permit.