A little about the costs of buying real estate in Georgia

April 16 2021

What else do you have to spend money on?

Buy a house in Georgia - this is undoubtedly great! But will all the costs be the cost of housing?

Most likely not, since there are several more mandatory fees or, more correctly, small investments:

  • duty at the House of Justice for registration of property rights, and the cost varies depending on the timing of registration;
  • translation services, if you do not speak Georgian - the agreement will be drawn up in two languages, and the translator will not only compare the copies, but will also visit the House of Justice;
  • payment to a notary, if you need to use his services;
  • the services of a third-party lawyer, if necessary.

For the most part, when concluding a standard form of a contract, all costs are borne by the seller, but it is better to know and be prepared about exceptional cases. There is no need to rush to buy, for residents of Russia, entry into Georgia is carried out without a visa, and you can stay in the country for a whole year, but if you go outside - this period is reset, which is undoubtedly convenient.