How to protect yourself from deception?

April 12 2021

Use the services of a realtor or buy yourself?

There is nothing wrong with the desire to do everything yourself, but without proper legal preparation there is a risk of meeting an unscrupulous seller or not paying attention to the nuances present in the contract. Any real estate agency that values ​​its reputation always checks objects even before being included in the database, so troubles are practically excluded here.

What to look for if you want buy an apartment in Georgia independently:

  • check who the property is registered to and whether these data match the seller's data;
  • to clarify whether the owner has various kinds of encumbrances (mortgage loan, arrest);
  • ask to provide documents on the acquisition of the property by the owner, in order to clarify the absence of legal claims;
  • make sure that the spouse has nothing against the sale (in Georgia, you do not need to obtain consent for this, but precedents may arise);
  • when buying an apartment in a new building, make sure that the house has been put into operation (the cadastral number of the object will help to obtain the necessary information);
  • in the case of acquiring a secondary property, especially with a long history, you will have to tinker, raising documents and clarifying the legality of the transfer of ownership to all the previous owners, taking into account privatization.

Agree, this is a pretty impressive list. Therefore, if you want to get pleasure from the purchase, and not a nervous tic, it is better to turn to professionals.