What do you know about Georgia?

April 14 2021

Interesting facts about the sunny country

By purchasing real estate in Batumi or other cities of Georgia, it is worth studying the customs of local residents, so as not to put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

What may surprise you:

  • The need to pay for the lift. In apartment buildings, this is considered normal, and fees may be charged to tenants for a certain period or for each passage;
  • Linen coloring is a feature of drying linen on the street, on balconies, ropes between nearby houses and, simply, on the adjacent territory;
  • Walking in the house / apartment with shoes. The guest may not take off his shoes and walk on the carpet in not very clean shoes, while making a remark, you run the risk of offending a person;
  • Due to the rare snowfall, it is customary to enjoy this type of precipitation;
  • Polyglots may be surprised by the lack of similarity between the spoken Georgian language and the languages ​​of neighboring peoples, it is a unique language belonging to a separate linguistic group;
  • Luxurious weddings with a large number of guests, when it is considered an insult to refuse to attend the wedding;
  • Names. In Georgia, a respectful attitude towards elders is very developed, but this does not prevent you from addressing by name, even with a large age difference;
  • Hospitality, and refusal to visit can be met with resentment.

There are many more features that cause both surprise and admiration. Many who have been here at least once fell in love with Georgia and found a desire to return here again, and, perhaps, even come for permanent residence.