Amazing facts about the sunny country

6 May 2021

What you might not know about Georgia

Naturally, each area with a long history has a lot of information that makes the state something unique. Everyone knows that Georgian wines are among the best in the world, but everyone knows that a quarter of all known grape varieties for wine production, which is about five hundred out of two thousand, grow here.

Anyone can easily answer the question about the largest fortress wall by naming the Chinese one, but few people know that the second largest in the world - the Signaghi wall is located in Georgia. As well as as many as six mountains from the ten highest in Europe.

In addition, the country claims to be the owner of the oldest honey, writing and gold mine. There are experts' conclusions that all this is really real.

If you are planning buy an apartment in BatumiIt will be a pleasant surprise for you that even tap water can be drunk without fear, because the water in Adjara is clean everywhere.