Household farming in Georgia

14 May 2021

What do local farmers grow and breed on their plots?

Today, many people abandon the noisy life of megacities, easily exchanging bustle for poise, naturalness and beauty of rural settlements. If you are a supporter of such changes, then buy a house in Georgia can be a great start for you.

By purchasing a building with a plot, you can immediately become the owner of an already adult orchard, ready to delight you with harvests annually. In the warm climate of this sunny country, citrus fruits, grapes, nuts and all the crops of central Russia grow beautifully. The absence of severe frosts allows thermophilic plant species to exist with maximum comfort. Growing greens, vegetables, berries, you can provide yourself and not only with healthy and tasty natural products.

It is possible to expand the economy by erecting buildings for livestock, rabbitries, chicken coops. In addition, there is always a demand for fresh and organic products, especially in the summer months, when tourists rush to the coastal areas, wanting to get the maximum of vitamins. In addition, the country's taxation system provides good opportunities for doing business.