About Georgian cuisine and hospitality

April 27 2021

Anyone who has ever been to Georgia always remains a fan of the culinary talent of this hospitable people. By right, the country's cuisine is called one of the best on Earth. The most famous barbecue and khinkali, when eaten, do not include the use of partings, but this makes the meal only more colorful. Many wines, because this is the birthplace of winemaking, will quench the thirst for finding the best even from the most demanding taster. And cheeses are a topic for a scientific dissertation, there are several hundred types of cheeses here.

If you wish buy an apartment in Georgia, remember that food preparation itself deserves special attention, everything should be done slowly, but with soul and love. Maybe that's why all the dishes are delicious. And the feasts themselves are accompanied by toasts, reminiscent of instructive legends rather than Soviet slogans. If you are invited to visit, even to completely unfamiliar people, it would be indecent to refuse - here it is considered offensive.

Hospitality is literally in the family of Georgians, which makes life next to such a people very comfortable!