Historical information about Batumi

17 May 2021

When the city was founded and other facts from its history

If you want to purchase real estate in BatumiYou will probably not be uninteresting to learn that the exact date of the city's foundation has not been found, but its history is very ancient. In historical chronicles, it appears as another conquest of the Ottomans, then conquered by the Russian Empire, when the settlement turned from a small village into a real seaside town with Orthodox churches, a boulevard and its own botanical garden. Further, already in the Soviet period, although the resort was developing, it was not as active as, for example, Sukhumi.

Today, the lost, more than made up for and the beauty of this place, the convenience of infrastructure, an abundance of many interesting buildings make the city a center of attraction for an increasing number of tourists. Free beaches, equipped places for walking, sports and recreation no longer need advertising, as at the very beginning of the journey.

Here, the national flavor successfully coexists with modernity, which only makes the place even more attractive and interesting both for moving and for tourist trips.