Do you want to live in Sakartvelo?

1 2021 June

Someone will say that this is the first time they hear such a name, but at the same time, this is how the indigenous people call Georgia. This is an ancient name, then the country was renamed Gurjistan, and then it already received a well-known name. Saint George is considered the patron saint of the state, and the big cross on the flag is his cross. The white background of the flag symbolizes peace, and the crosses symbolize the Christian faith and sacrifice.

The time given to the guest does not go into the experience of the years lived

This statement is not only known to every resident of Georgia, but also clearly follows it.

At the same time, the country has an enviable number of centenarians, which, of course, can be explained by other factors:

  • wonderful climate;
  • the friendliness of the population;
  • excellent cuisine;
  • an abundance of organic food.

Any Russian can become a citizen of the country, while Georgians are not allowed to hold two passports. Buy a house in Georgia will not be difficult, especially since we have a database of all verified real estate objects in the country.