When taste matters

10 May 2021

The most important thing about Georgian cuisine

Georgia is the owner of one of the most delicious national cuisines in the world. Those who have tasted khinkali, khachapuri, satsivi, kharcho, lobio and other dishes at least once will make them frequent guests of their menu.

What is the secret of this success:

  • traditions are honored here and recipes are passed on by inheritance, thus preserving the national memory;
  • Georgia has a beautiful nature that gives people everything they need for a long and fulfilling life;
  • there are more than 250 types of cheese;
  • and vineyards appeared 9 thousand years ago, and the country is still a major producer of excellent wine;
  • Georgians cook slowly, with a soul, which has a positive effect on the quality of all foods.

There are slight differences in the ethics of behavior at the table, khinkali, like kebab, is customary to eat exclusively with your hands, and it would be an insult to refuse the owner, in a request to share a meal with him. It is an exceptional pleasure to visit this hospitable country, not to mention settling here.

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