Different variants of the origin of the name of the city

July 8 2021

If you want to buy an apartment in Batumi, You will be interested to know a little of the history of this territory.

According to some scholars, the coastal land was occupied by a Greek colony called Batus Limen. The consonant name of the port city in Georgia could well come from here. According to other assumptions, the name could be associated with the word "bat" - a stone. Or with the village of Batus, mentioned by Pliny, which means "deep". This assumption is not without meaning, but, basically, these are all just guesses that do not have a clear scientific evidence base, as in the history of many other settlements. In addition, five centuries ago, the Adjara coast is mentioned in chronicles, which tells of the unsuccessful capture of de Toisy and Burgundy of the city of Vatu. Agree, the names are consonant.

Later information and more reliable, from the middle of the 19th century, having become part of Russia, according to the treaty of San Stefano, the city was called Batum, and from 1939 to today - Batumi.

Many versions only spur interest, it is quite possible that by visiting this place, learning local legends, having studied the relevant literature, you will make your discoveries regarding the history of the origin of the name Batumi.