What else is Georgia attractive for?

July 16 2021

Today buy a house in Georgia - it's not easy to acquire housing in the mild climate of a sunny country. There is no real estate tax if you are not a resident of the country, and if you are, then the tax is low. The constant flow of tourists makes it profitable to run a hotel business, even on a small scale, especially since the country provides the most convenient schemes for doing business, characterized by simplicity and comfort. And in terms of competition, this is generally an ideal place for the implementation of new projects, and in completely different areas.

Registration of real estate does not take much time and requires a minimum of documents. A residence permit can be obtained by investing one hundred thousand dollars in real estate.

Let us remind you that a residence permit will provide you with the possibility of visa-free entry to European countries. And the inhabitants of the country can boast of security, here the trust in the guards is much higher than in neighboring countries and is second only to Japan, Qatar, Singapore and the Emirates.