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August 6 2021

Buy an apartment in Batumi it is possible at a completely affordable price, the further the housing is from the sea coast and the less developed the infrastructure, the less you will have to spend on the purchase. Whereas the most expensive housing is located, naturally, in developed areas, and the views from the window open directly to the sea, and the sea itself is within walking distance.

Although there are cheaper apartments here, for example, without a sea view and from a less eminent developer, but acquiring something else at the start of construction phase, although it is noticeably advantageous financially, is risky. Except, perhaps, buying from developers who are already reliable and have an impeccable reputation, here the possibility of unfinished construction is minimal, but the price gain remains significant, and if you are ready to wait until the house is built, you can save a lot.

The choice is up to the buyer, the agency can offer its assistance, which will greatly simplify the entire process of searching and buying, and will save you from the risk of dubious transactions.