Where is it more convenient to live?

August 19 2021

The issue of the convenience of living in a private house and apartment was fully disclosed during the pandemic. All the advantages of living in high-rise buildings, the presence of cheerful neighbors, the ability for kids to find friends in a public sandbox, all the advantages of living in human anthills were questioned when people had to avoid people. Over the past year, the demand for land plots, summer cottages has grown significantly.

But buy a house in Georgia was the dream of many people even before the virus, because your home is not at all like your own apartment. This is an opportunity to realize your architectural ideas, go about your business without neighboring supervision, make noise at any time of the day, because now there is not a thin wall between you and people, but walls, there is enough distance and a fence.

No one will throw a cigarette butt into the sand and leave a broken bottle at the bench on the playground; Your territory belongs to you, and if you have created a comfortable lifestyle for yourself, you can enjoy it to the fullest. And if the dwelling is located by the sea, this is all the more wonderful, such a house will become a favorite gathering place for all relatives, friends and relatives.